First off, I am married to my college sweetheart - a Kansas grown, all-american man, complete with Levi's, boots, and a quick wit that always keeps me smiling. We have a sweet little dude, who keeps himself busy by chewing on most of my clothes and most recently discovered how to climb out of his crib (awesome!). His mom and pop couldn't be more proud of him and take full responsibility for his rambunctiousness.  As for myself, I was born and raised in the Blue Ridge mountains and still believe there is nothing better than an October afternoon hike off the Parkway. From a very young age I was fascinated and intrigued by life seen from behind a lens. I used to rummage under my parents' bed where my mom kept all our pictures and look through them for hours. Taking pictures began in high school with my family's first DSLR camera. When I got to college I sought out as many photography courses as my English studies would allow - concentrating on film and digital imaging. Some of my other favorite things in life are: classic R&B, Snapdragons, Nike kicks, Billy Collins, family dinners, basketball, Clemson football and mountains. My newest obsession is film photography. After spending our first year of marriage in Alaska, my husband and I are now living in the fun, hip and innovative town of Athens, Georgia. 


As an English major stories were my life. Reading, writing, and listening to stories have shaped and molded the way I live. We've all heard the cliché "a picture is worth a thousand words." And while most of us roll our eyes and think "yeah, yeah so what?" I believe that statement is true and I am dedicated to living it out. Whether it's your wedding day, a business, or the trip of a lifetime, telling YOUR story is what I am passionate about. My goal as a photographer is to blend in and let you be who you are. I love a photojournalistic style and seek to take candid, vibrant photos. I love capturing moments full of energy, emotion, and life. Sometimes that means formalized shots with beautiful or strategic backgrounds and other times it means catching little moments that would normally go unnoticed - an embrace, an inside joke, or the groom's expression as his bride walks down the aisle.


To me this isn't just a job. I do photography because I believe in the power of stories. Humans are relational beings, and sharing our stories with each other is one of main avenues for connection and building bridges where normally we might have nothing in common.